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Watercolor Painting Abstract

This watercolor painting is abstracted with a 2. 5in nr focus lettered in navy and royal blue. The painting is apperceptive with strong blue and purple tones. The landscape features abuds with a bright purple wash. The flower bowl is full of delicate purple petals. The frame is a sleek black meta-leather with a purple name badge. The painting is now ready to hang with a beautiful purple daffodil in the background.

Abstract Landscape Watercolor Painting


Top 10 Watercolor Painting Abstract

This painting is about a watercolor painting of a garden in the early morning or early afternoon. The bright and sunny day makes the foreground look like a beautiful garden field with flowers in the middle. The background is a mixture of clouds and sun-drenched landscapes. this painting is in a digital high quality format which makes it easy to follow. You can download it at your convenience. the painting is based on a purple garden and the original abstract landscape flower painting. This painting is a took from the air with an original abandon knife and is considered to be a work of art. The painting is in a digital high quality format which makes it easy to follow. this painting is about gia scala, a 1966 actress who was close to henry miller. Gia scala was a favorite of miller's and he frequently depicted her in his paintings and books. This painting is an abstract painting that incorporates water colors and shades of gray. this painting is a perfect example of an industrial abstract painting. The painting is signed with gc mack, otherwise known as "the green dragon". The painting is around 50 inches wide and is made up of bright green and white colors.