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Original Watercolor Paintings

Original watercolor paintings by maude eggemeyer, which occur in a 1950s setting. These paintings are small ciphers of a small, rural, and agricultural area in new york’s eggemeyer tract. The focus is on the physical activity and physical beauty of the citizens, as well as the businesses and homes within the community.

Original Watercolor Mallard

Original Watercolor Mallard

By Unbranded


watercolor paintings original

Watercolor Painting

Watercolor painting of a still life with flowers and children. this painting is about a still life with flowers and children. The painting is created with a watercolor that I used a light beige and a dark green. I like to use different colors with flowers to make a mix different and interesting.

Buy Watercolor Paintings

Buy watercolor paintings of originals 5x7 sizes: cityscape, crossword, cityscape with a cityscape color, by chance. this is a beautiful blue bird watercolor painting signed by the nature lover and given a gift card to watercolorpaint. Biz store. The painting is environmentally friendly and is on display at a local library. this is a unique original watercolor painting 9x12 inches that is currently in stock and will be available for purchase soon. The painting is a beautiful green and white color with a small amount of black space which makes it perfect for art or photo frames. do you need a professional paintbrush? no, this is a personal painting. The artist has done this one, and wants you to be proud of it.