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Lotus Flower Watercolor Painting

Lotus flower pond is an original watercolor painting that features a pond with blue and purple flowers. The painting is add-on content for the ecommerce storelotus flower ponds. You can find it there to buy or at the store's link.

Lotus Watercolor Painting

Lotus watercolor painting. this painting is about a love story. I wanted to create a painting that would bring together the aspects of love that are physical and emotional. I used a lotus color in the painting and used light and dark colors to create a mood of sophistication. The painting is airbrushed to give it a modern look.

Watercolor Painting Lotus Flower

This watercolor painting is in the style of the chinese painting known as "fuyue paintings. " it is auclstate contemporary asian fine art painting with a chinese flavor. The girl in the painting is beauty, and the flowers are their loved ones. The painting is in the nature setting, and the flowers are in the background. this watercolor painting is from the series "flowers and gaudy foliage" which is created byimorendo. It is a beautiful lotus flower painting that was created in the style of marlene llanes. The painting is high quality watercolor that is well-crafted and create a beautiful effect. zhang daqian is a chinese watercolor painting that features a lotus flower in five colors. The painting is in 5 different colors, including green, blue, azure, purple, andthia. It is a beautiful piece of work, and is an excellent addition to any collection. this watercolor painting is based on the beautiful lotus flower that can be seen in the water. The flower is aninka's favorite painting and she loves the way it looks in water. The koi fish is such a favorite in feng shui and can represent any positive quality. This painting is a way to show your appreciation for the positive energy that the koi fish represents.