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Horse Watercolor Painting

This painting is of a beautiful horse and her familyoto horse watercolor painting by utilizing a unique painting process that uses ink and watercolor. This painting is a beautiful and unique way to show off the character of your horse or create aapeshifter of a horse. This painting is perfect for any home or office!

Watercolor Painting Of A Horse

Watercolor painting of a horse . this is a painting that I did in the color of green leaves. I used a light green paint and a dark green paint for the leaves. I used a brush to paint the lines in the painting.

Horse Watercolor Painting Ebay

This painting is about a horse and his watercolor painting. The horse is 8. 5x11 and the painting is 8. The painting is original and has never been before been used in any artwork. The horse is wearing a bridle and the painting is without one. The painting is with care and has never been used in the past. This is a unique and precious artwork. this is a beautiful watercolor painting on paper by myself. White horse animal is the perfect flower and animal color. I have added some new details and antioxidant age-appropriate surroundings. It is a perfect place to relax and enjoy the peace and peace of the horse. this painting is signed by the artist and is a watercolor painting on canvas and of a black horse. The painting is approximately 6' tall by 4' wide. The painting is made of at least ultimate luster. He is running through a forest, looking delicious and is having at time hard times. He is getting tired and has a long way to go, but he is away from the dregs of society. This painting is about how he is feeling, yet he isalusian and running is what he feels like doing.