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Antique Japanese Watercolor Painting

This beautiful japanese watercolor painting is from an antiquity series and is a perfect example of a cherry branch branches watercolor painting. The painting is in a 12 by 12 inch scale and has been published with a beautiful cherry blossom structure. The painting is made with a black paint that is then diluted with light beige or purple to create the final painting. This type of painting is often seen as being rare and has often been requested by individual or group investors.

Vintage Japanese Watercolor Paintings


Watercolor Painting Japan

This watercolor painting is called "journey to theosukeiso station", and it is from the series "adventures in japan". Thestation is a remember theon paper of bird under a blossomthetrees. these japanese watercolor paintings are signed geisha silk painting with a pink and white watercolor painting of a girl with a smile. The painting was created using a watercolor painting process where the artist builds a main painting from smaller panels of white paper then add in wasa and color to create the final painting. this beautiful antique japanese watercolor painting has beautiful flowers and butterflies in the background. The painting is has a soft and smooth surface that makes it a great for line of attack or for working through the emotions in the painting. this old world landscape painting is amazing! Theilation and careful coloring make for a beautiful addition to any collection. This is a beautiful 2-color painting on silk and is signed by the artist and child.